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Overall Impression: 
Johnny Mo is a Gospel singer from Georgia who has been putting out quality grooves for almost 20 years. After answering his true calling in life, to sing and praise the Lord, Johnny has been hard at work spreading the Word. Johnny Mo's latest single "Jesus I Have Confessions" is a song about redemption, forgiveness and encouragement as Johnny reflects on his past and pours out his heart while confessing his mistakes and wrongful actions. This laid-back groove has a smooth rhythm section, layers of skillfully played dreamy guitar work, and graceful yet heartfelt vocals which Johnny delivers with passion and offers an empowering message. 

Strongest Point(s): 
The quality of Christian/Gospel music has drastically improved over the years and can now reach a wider audience, with artists such as Johnny Mo making an impact on the community. The composition, arrangement and sound quality of "Jesus I Have Confessions" is a great example of this professional level of song writing and recording. Johnny densely layers beautiful backing vocals while delivering a soulful and uplifting lead vocal. The overall vibe and feel is very smooth and relaxed, and displays a comprehensive song structure with a solid mix. 

Area(s) of Improvement: 
Hey Johnny Mo! This is truly a great track with an inspirational message and concept, I really like it, great job man! There isn't much I can suggest that needs attention or improvement, the only thing I would try is to step back another 3 to 6 inches from the mic when recording the main vocal.. I would be interested to hear what that sounds like. Or maybe try taking just a touch of low end out of lead vocal, it gets in the way of the bass at times. I'm not completely sure what it is, but I feel the lead vocal track (all the other vocals sound perfect) could sit in the mix a little better, and I would try a few of these suggestions in the future. 

Target Audience Appeal: 
"Jesus I Have Confessions" has a chill current R&B sound and would fit perfectly on a modern contemporary Gospel playlist. Fans of Gospel or Christian R&B and Hip Hop, looking for new music and artists, should explore Johnny Mo's catalog, as he has a lot to offer! Listeners of all ages will enjoy "Jesus I Have Confessions" and become true fans in no time. 

Artist target suggestions: 
Minister KB, Stephen tha' Apostle, Michael Canaan, Pepe, Threewords, Geriel, Leslie Carron, Lifesavas, Visionaries, Zion I, LMNO, Al Green, The Staple Singers, The Isley Brothers 

About The Reviewer: Erik Anderson is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering and has been managing his own recording studio for almost 20 years. Erik has had a true passion for music since an early age taking piano lessons, he then started playing bass guitar in his early teens and was making hip hop beats by the age of 17, before heading off to Berklee where he also studied arranging, theory, traditional harmony and ear training as well as bass proficiency. After graduating, Erik worked at several recording studios in New York and New Jersey, before starting his own studio which spawned his 4-piece experimental indie rock band. Currently a member of Taxi, and is submitting his original compositions for placements in TV/Film. 

Vocals: Strength 
Lyrics: Strength 
Instrumental Performance/Execution: Strength 
Melody/Rhythm: Strength 
Arrangement/Flow: Strength 
Recording Quality/Overall Mix: Strength 

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Song Review 

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